Dead Rising 3

Video game that centers around a zombie apocalypse


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  • Category Action
  • License Full Version
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1
  • Language English
  • Program by Capcom

Are You Ready to Walk with the Dead?

With a subtle name like Dead Rising 3, this could only be a game about zombies. The other two games in the series were well received and the third instalment promises more zombies than ever before. Is this enough to get gamers hooked? Read on to find out.

The main objective of the game is fairly simple. Players run around a detailed city setting and try to take out as many zombies as possible before they are ultimately killed themselves. As promised, the game is packed with huge hordes of zombies and smashing them to goo can be a lot of fun.

Players are presented with a wide range of weapons to choose from the get the job done. These range from the fairly straight forward and functional to the purely bizarre and include a toy robot bear that is carrying a light machine gun and a cross between a steamroller and a motorcycle that shoots flames at the zombies as you mow them down.

This time around gamers can enlist the help of a friend and take on the zombies in the co-op mode. This adds a whole new dimension to the game and in addition to competing to see who can take out the most zombies, players can challenge themselves to dress their characters in the most ridiculous outfit as possible from the selection of strange accessories that are available.

Like many zombie games, there is no real storyline to speak of here, but most players probably won’t notice. At the end of certain levels huge bosses pop up and they can be quite tricky to defeat. This is not really helped by the rather weak controls, that often handle unpredictably and can leave players feeling a bit helpless.

When it comes to zombie games, the more zombies you have, the better the game will be. Dead Rising 3 certainly delivers zombies in spades and there are plenty of different types of cool weapons to kill them with. The imaginative touches and good graphics that the game offers more than makes up for the slightly weak plot and provides hours of good clean zombie bashing fun.


  • Lots of cool zombies
  • A huge selection of weapons
  • The graphics are good and very detailed


  • Navigating the streets can be a but dull
  • The plot needs a little work
  • The controls are not very precise
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